Hours of Operation: 9:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday

The mission of The Salvation Army Family Services is to fulfill the social, health, spiritual, and recreational needs of low-income individuals and families in the Kitsap County community. Through our social welfare program, we provide assistance and support to address a wide variety of personal and social difficulties by helping our clients access necessary resources. We strive to preserve the dignity and self-respect of the individuals and families seeking assistance, while encouraging them to become self-sufficient. Among the services we currently offer are th following:

  • Voucher Center: Provides clothing, small appliances, furniture and linens to those who are homeless/in-need and those who recently have moved into a home and require furnishings.
  • Emergency food boxes: Provides emergency food to people in need.
  • Shower & Laundry Facilities: Provides a place to shower and do laundry for free. Hygiene items are provided free as well. The goal is to prepare jobless/homeless as they seek employment.
  • Winter Shelter: With a Missoula County grant, aids people who have recently become homeless or are in danger of becoming homeless. Motel vouchers, rental deposits, and rent can be paid to clientele during Winter.
  • Emergency Shelter: With a grant, aids people who have recently become homeless by providing motel vouchers throughout the year.
  • Transportation: With a Missoula County grant, provides a bus ticket out of Missoula for people who have a place to stay and job prospects somewhere else. Vouchers for the local bus system and for gasoline are provided as well.
  • Prescription Assistance: We are able to help individuals with $25 towards their prescription cost.

For more information about specific programs and locations, contact The Salvation Army in Missoula at (406) 549-0710.